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PlayStation 2


Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater - Manual

Game Title Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater
Document Type Manual (PROVISIONAL)
Platform PlayStation 2
Author afc (stats)
Filesize 3.11 MB
Date Tuesday 19 April 2005 - 10:32:17
Downloads 5037
Game Info MobyGames
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Comments: 1
Registered: 06 Nov 05 : 06:28
\20 Jan 06 : 16:09

Unreadable! Too low resolution. Someone replace this please.


Comments: 6
Registered: 05 Apr 05 : 18:11
\20 Jan 06 : 16:35

Ive had a much better qaulity scan in my resubmit box for a while.
Ill speak to Sleepy and see if we can hurry it along.



Comments: 1
Registered: 04 Mar 06 : 02:14
\04 Mar 06 : 02:40

Tried downloading the manual, but it cant be read Any chance another one will be put up soon?


Greetings foul-mouthed being!

Comments: 6
Registered: 05 Apr 05 : 18:11
\04 Mar 06 : 04:11

Did speak to sleepy about this. Ill send him a reminder.



Comments: 1
Registered: 08 Jul 08 : 20:24
\27 Jul 08 : 09:42



Comments: 35
Registered: 06 Aug 08 : 15:36
\17 Aug 08 : 20:10

afc, is this manual some sort of placeholder? Instead (or in spite) of better one.



Comments: 71
\25 Aug 08 : 11:35

Flagged Provisional. There is an AU manual that has been recently uploaded, but not edited yet.


Comments: 31
Registered: 13 Jun 08 : 19:35Location: Inside your bra.
\01 Nov 08 : 12:07

I just uploaded a nice, high-quality scan of the US MGS3 manual. Hopefully it will better suit the needs of our downloaders.


Please note: I cannot send manuals via e-mail to anyone. Requests for me to do so will cause my old computer and my dial-up connection to laugh at you.

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...: TheNobleRobot :...
26 Feb 15 : 23:03

Signed up and tried to upload 4.9MB pdf. Got 500 Internal Server Error.
...: kevibeag :...
20 Feb 15 : 12:05

Trying to find the manual for Electronic Arts Might And Magic; Gates To Another World Sega Genesis. Thanks!
...: Anamon :...
14 Feb 15 : 12:20

TheoGeoAes, from experience it can take quite a while for uploads to get approved. It improved a bit lately but there are still pending uploads form many years ago. On the search page, switch to "Search in: Uploads" and you can see whether your uploads are in the system.
...: TheoGeoAes :...
03 Feb 15 : 12:31

I should probably ask: I uploaded a handful of Sega Saturn manuals almost a month ago and they have not been added yet. I can't find the pending uploads page, so I have no real clue if they'll ever be uploaded at all. Everything was scanned according to site protocol. Am I missing something?
...: Draken :...
18 Jan 15 : 04:57

Hi there. I only joined this site today so I'm unsure of protocol.
What I wanted to say was; I have over 200 Xbox 360 games (and 40-odd original Xbox); All but two or three have their original manuals, all in good condition. So if someone's looking for a title for the Xbox360 or the original,there's a good chance I have it. So get in touch and I'll be happy to help you if I can.
...: Areala :...
02 Jan 15 : 19:31

You're both quite welcome. I worked hard to make sure my uploads wouldn't require much tinkering beyond slapping on the logo and running them through the PDF conversion process.
...: Jamos :...
02 Jan 15 : 07:53

Thanks Superfly and Areala
...: superfly :...
01 Jan 15 : 18:41

Oh wow, those Genesis uploads are from 2008. I shall endeavor to fix this post haste! Excellent quality scans btw, Areala.
...: Areala :...
01 Jan 15 : 14:28

If you want Genesis manuals, Jamos, just have a look at my upload queue...
...: Jamos :...
01 Jan 15 : 09:05

D&D Warriors of the Eternal Sun Manual and Cluebook for Genesis added

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