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PC (DOS/Windows)


Pool of Radiance - Adventurers Journal

Game Title Pool of Radiance
Document Type Adventurers Journal
Platform PC (DOS/Windows)
Author incognito (stats)
Filesize 6.04 MB
Date Monday 04 April 2005 - 13:52:31
Downloads 8668
Game Info MobyGames
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Comments: 47
Registered: 28 Jan 06 : 06:26
\24 Sep 06 : 09:46

With regards all the C64 Pool of Radiance replacementdocs on here: Think about it. A classic RPG, 20 years old. Someone still has a copy, so he/she takes the time to scan it and pdf it (not a mean feat in itself!), then upload it. Then someone sets up a website and puts it on there for download - and all for free.

Sometimes it bares repeating, as we glibly download these great docs, that enable us to play these classic games from our youth, that without documentation would not be playable.

Thank you.

retro is cool again (only in gaming, mind you!)

Comments: 3
Registered: 14 Jan 07 : 23:56Location: Bronx, NY, US
\15 Jan 07 : 00:08

IIRC, the original manual, Adventurer's Journal, and the code-wheel for the PC and the Commodore 64 were identical. Only the Quick Reference card was different for the two platforms.


Comments: 1
Registered: 08 Aug 07 : 12:23
\08 Aug 07 : 12:26

I really appreciate all of these manuals. I started playing the Forgotten Realms games from scratch and these manuals were so useful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Comments: 1
Registered: 01 Aug 07 : 14:18
\13 Aug 07 : 11:04

Fantastic documentation, also good for the NES version.

Excellent efforts!


Comments: 1
Registered: 17 Feb 10 : 18:45
\03 May 15 : 06:07

For the past decade or more, I've had in my possession a collection for DOS of a bunch of the old Forgotten Realms classics. It was compiled by Gamesfest amazingly, they included the decoder wheels!

Anyway, I finally got around to reassembling an old PC upon which to play them, and thought I'd give 'em a shot but the quality of the scans in the PDFs for things such as the Adventurer's Journal be terrible. D:

A HUGE "Thank you" to the contributors at Replacement Docs for supplying much-better-quality scans to the world.


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...: Keith :...
03 Jun 20 : 03:40

It's all gone deathly quiet?
...: mateus :...
18 Oct 19 : 21:03

bless you
...: Alastair :...
18 Oct 19 : 13:59

the site had serious problems that lasted for over a year which meant it was meaningless to approve manuals for download.

Now that the site is running properly again we will just have to wait to see if any of the editors return...
...: lilliputian :...
18 Oct 19 : 00:49

I submitted a manual several months ago and it hasn't appeared. Are new manuals not being added anymore?
...: krashd :...
06 Sep 19 : 04:30

That was some nap, sleepy
...: bombman :...
30 Aug 19 : 07:48

wb sleepy
...: Dr. Rockzo :...
29 Jul 19 : 17:46

Very happy to see you are back and got the site fixed, sleepy~!

Now the task of sorting through the uploads...
...: sleepy :...
29 Jul 19 : 11:28

...: ishmael2u :...
09 Jul 19 : 13:53

I don't think sleepy is coming back. If he has hoting and domain name time left, maybe he could trun this over to someone else.
...: Ian :...
31 May 19 : 17:59

Sleep please read forums

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